Get to know Me!

Hello, it’s great to have you on the blog – I’m 47: that’s my nickname – and welcome to 47’s work-and-life adventures! On this blog, I share my experience on various art and design projects as well as work-from-home jobs I do in my spare time, and also the processes involved, and I hope you guys will use my experience to form a solid foundation on how you’d engage the remote gigs space. Whether you’re a college baby like I am – we do exist! – or simply interested in less commuting and having work done from the house, there’s advice for remote work you won’t want to miss!

Get Real!

Getting real here – working from home isn’t always the go-easy, pajama-clad lifestyle that’s often stereotyped on social media. From the times I’ve spent taking surveys, testing websites, working as a transcriber, evaluating social media posts, and creating tons of print designs, I know firsthand the struggles and rewards that the work-from-home career path brings.

Getting the Work-From-Home Mindset!

My time working from home has taught me that remote gigs require a ton of focus, paying attention to little but important details and loads of commitment to get each task right, so I’ll be sharing with you guys what I’ve learned that have made me improve and how I manage and implement productivity tools to make my work hassle-free! I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way like setting boundaries to staying motivated to finding the right balance between projects and play because when starting out, remote work can be overwhelming.

The lack of structure, effective communication, and sometimes unclear project guidelines can make it feel like remote jobs are not worth the time and effort, which is true in some cases, but – don’t worry, guys – I’ll be steering you away from such outliers! My goal is to share my experience working from home so you guys can have a more solid foundation when venturing into a side gig – because most remote jobs are – and have realistic expectations of what and what not to expect in this space. I’ll be sharing actionable tips on how to stay organized, how to manage your time effectively, and how to set realistic goals.

Getting Success!

I’ll also be direct and share some of my biggest mistakes online so you don’t fall for them as well and save you the time of reading tons of articles to find reliable information. Whether you’re looking for data-entry gigs or you’re a freelance designer or just looking to earn some spare change when you’re done with the hassle of the day, remote jobs can be quite rewarding when you have the right information, can hustle like crazy – No joke! – and have a bit of discipline. Guys, buckle up and be part of the work-from-home go-easy, pajama-clad life!